Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reenie's Remains Journal

I am taking an online class, taught by the magnificent Mary Ann Moss called

Today I completed the cover, which I am fantastically, exuberantly excited about.
I took a kajillion pics, but only posted a few here... the rest are in my flickr.
I will narrate for you...

Here are the fabric pieces, all sorted out and chosen ( I spared you that step),
with some of my handspun foozles to go along.

Sewing in process... the bird embroidery came from my gram's crazy (OCD) stash... and I love how the edges are all yellowing with tape marks, so I let them show.

Mary Ann, I put this pic in for you,
because I cannot work without help from one of my babies, same for you it seems...
This is Rufus, helping me choose yarn placement.

I couched the handspun strands by running zigzags over them willy nilly.
I love the line and texture the yarns add.
Some of the yarn foozles were beaded.

I created loops from the handspun all over for fun.

Here it is all finished and closed. I still need to decide on a closure of some sort...
There is a vinyl pocket sewn to the flap, I put a pic of my rascals in it to show it is a pocket.

This is the back... with the bird embroidery. See the vinyl pocket? I put a moo card in it to show where the pocket is. I just cut up some of those vinyl bag thingys that pillow cases and such come in. Friends now save them for me, which is good as I don't buy a lot of things that come packaged that way and the vinyl gets upcycled!
Plus it is stronger than transparencies or page protectors.
Detail of vinyl pocket with moo card...

On the inside cover flap I used vinyl to make some pen and marker holders.
I put a piece of old denim on the back of the printed fabric before sewing the vinyl down to give it some stability to help hold the weight of the pens.

On the other side of the liner I sewed a denim pocket and again secured it to the back of the fabric with a piece of denim.

I was thinking this pocket can hold Petunia, my beloved Storm.

Finished book is 9x12... so I have to re-figure my pages before making them.
I prefer working in a larger book and know if I made the recommended size I will not use it.
Go big or go home I say! haha.

I am looking forward to getting my pages sewn together... I have started to select book pages and such and was surprised how much larger format paper and books I have to use! YAY for hoarding.... haha.


mary ann said...

oh boy you are livin large! the yellowed tape marks - fab. the shiny black cat helper = perfect. vinyl additions WOW. it's just one wow after another. sheesh.

traveler one said...

Wow! I think this is one of my favourites that I've seen from the class so far!! I ADORE the embroidered fabric. I was thinking of using some of my mother's hand embroidered pillow cases some how. You've inspired me to try it!

Jeanne said...

Hey Reenie! I'm taking Mary Ann's class too. Fortunately my sewing machine is working much better than it did at ArtFiberFest! (I was your table mate in one of Roxanne Padgett's classes this summer - you know the one with the chug-a-chug-a machine!!!) Your journal cover is beautiful and clever too. Great that you were able to incorporate some of your fibers. I've got to take some pics to post soon.
Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

It's wonderful! Love the embroidery, and thanks for the idea for the vinyl pockets ... now I mourn all few that I've thrown away in the past LOL! Wonder if we could use a few new blankets ...

Tina said...

Fabulous! The vinyl pen/marker holder is perfect. And I reeeallly like the tape marks.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it, Reenie! The bird is such a cool touch, too. (And, I love that your B-berry has a name...too fun!)

Happy new year to you and yours!

=) Lizard

Suzanne Reynolds said...

You're doing an awesome job on your journal, Reenie. Love the pics of your sweet girls on the cover. Can't wait to see more. Happy New Year!