Wednesday, December 2, 2009

King Rufus, Studio and Eve Photos~

The other night the girls and I took some time to make a few paper houses for our holiday tree.
(We only made a few, I will post them once they are all finished.)
BUT... the cats decided to be ever-so-helpful.
Eve was shooting pics of them the entire time.
Rufus was especially hilarious, with this grand attitude. the turd.
Here is the flickr link, you can go see more of the cat images if you choose.

Right now poor Ann is trying to make pom-pom ornaments, and they will NOT leave her alone. They LOVE poms. I find them everywhere, in the food bowl, in the litter box! If I move the couch there is a crypt of them, along with misc. beads, missing crochet hooks and rubber bands.

Here are some shots of the back studio... already a few days old.
Shelves of yarn, journaling supplies and art supplies~
Main table top.. with piles of denim from Eve's bag sewing fit she had, knit items, a hat display form and paints~
Yarn and art journals~
I am so thankful for these shelves... imagine this stuff piled up in the corners! bah!
Here are Eve's shots of the moon over Mt. Adams~
and Mt. St. Helens~
A great shot of the trees at dusk~

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