Monday, February 23, 2009

Seattle Weekend!

We LOVE Seattle!
Below is a slide show of shots from our weekend in Seattle.

We drove to Port Angeles on Friday, then to Seattle Fri. evening. It was a long day in the car but so much to see!
We met with special friends and had such a great time!

Friday evening we ate at the Palisade Waterfront. The food was divine and there was a spectacular view of the city at night, all lit up and glorious. After dinner we headed to our hotel in Bellevue, WA and crashed.

Saturday we met friends for breakfast downtown, an associate of Paul's and his wife.
After breakfast we went to the Pike Place Market and got some groceries, unique vinegars and of course we had to stop at the original Starbucks. We walked around until it got really crowded then we headed down to the water. There was a gigantic ship from Honolulu docked and it was clear enough to see the Olympic range across the sound.

What next? Oh- yes, we drove to Ballard to the Archie McPhee store, as I am a connoisseur of kitschy crapola. Talk about fun! Those of you in PA will understand this, it is an Ollie's for crazy people, haha! I bought a variety of odd tape for my journals and glass taxidermy eyes!
Next we drove around the city for quite a while and Paul showed us his office building. We drove by the space needle and other sites, then to a restaurant supply store Paul drove by once and wanted to go in. Talk about a foodie heaven! fun fun fun kitchen and restaurant equipment all in this big warehouse. sigh. I need to see if there is something similar in Portland.

After the warehouse we were pooped so we headed back to the hotel to vegetate before meeting friends for dinner. After dinner we hit the beds and watched Despereaux and zzzzzzzz.

Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, went to above mentioned friends studio/home for a few hours, then headed back into the city so Paul could run by a few new claims. After that we headed home and picked up our dorg (d0g) our precious friends were watching for us and headed home to one freaked out and lonely kitty (who meowed all night with happiness, sounds cute but is was not).

Now to finish up some remaining orders and make Seattle journals with the girls! Oh yeh, and do the laundry...

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Turtle said...

sounds like a great weekend! had to smile reading your adventures. My girlfriend does all the boards and artwork for where you bought your oils/vinegars..sotto vocce, my hubbys best friend for years worked at archie mcfee's (did you know they are closing/moving?? landlord sold to developers)and i had gotten a call that weekend from a friend who happened to come off of the honolulu cruise ship, she works on board, but our weekend was already committed elsewhere. Sounds like a blast of a weekend, we head down to portland to get away!