Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I rarely post pics of myself because I am usually the one behind the camera, and bleh, I am just not a fan of seeing them. stupid girl issues, I know, but it is what it is...
However, I just got my hair done, put back to my natural-when-I-was-a-teen color.
I had not done it previously because I hate girlie maintenance things like ROOT maintenance. For some reason I am going gray!( thanks DAD for those gray genes). Which means no matter what color I make my hair I will have root maintenance. So why NOT be blond again? I love my hair.
It makes me smile whenever I catch a glimpse of myself. Watch out world!
What I have been doing in my blog absence....and this is only a smidge of it.

Here is an eagle we saw on our walk the other morning.
My first close-ish-up eagle since moving here!I am working on a really amazing shop update, if you want notified when it is up go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe to my newsletter! I offer special members-only sneak previews. A lot of the stuff does not make it to the front end of the shop before it is snatched up!

PLUS THE FEBRUARY YARN GIVEAWAY will be announced soon! The yarn is soooo pretty and is hanging to dry right as I type this! (snicker snicker) I am so excited to show you!
I just need to organize the comment fun a bit in my head and of course, dry the yarn so I can photograph it.
Be Back Soon!

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Christine/Clumsygrrl said...

I totally missed this blog post!

What a hot, H-O-T-T mama you are!!