Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seattle and Yarns

Last Sunday we took my MIL on a trip to Seattle to Pike Place Market.
I love this place so much, Seattle seems so magical to me.
Here are a ton of pics from our day:

Ann & a dog mural at the market elevator~

Girls 'in' the mural and a plastic bag dude- this is a guy in a bag suit- not sure why but he would be still for a bit then move and freak people out- probably making a plastic bag statement or just bored- ?

Mushrooms and fruit at some of the produce stands.
I LOVE the colors of the fruits, I plan to make a yarn in those colors....

This is a Cat Whisperer, for $2 the cat will tell him your fortune. good deal- right? I didn't pay him because I wanted to hear the CAT tell me. haha Great idea though, love the cat's little vest.
Second picture is a holy monkey at an herbal/incense/voodoo shop. I gave him a quarter since he let me take his picture.

This is a shot of a Nut Shop- LOVE the combo of art and kitsch they have in the booth. It cracked me up.
Second shot are hand carved cherubs in a Mexican Art shop called Milagros.

This is Eve in a shop called WIND UP- all wind up toys. Made me miss my gramps- he collected wind ups and would play with them for hours.
Second shot is of the girls sharing sorbet at Mora's on Bainbridge Island.

Like their hats? They are prototypes for my new hat pattern!
There will be 2 versions, one is from worsted weight yarn and the other uses worsted with some handspun.
The blueish hat Ann is wearing was knit from Battman's Ambrosial colorway. If you buy the yarn I will send you the pattern for free- I need it tested out.

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Pearl said...

Did you see all the pigs on the street in Seattle? I love those pigs.

Love the hats. They are are the models.