Monday, April 28, 2008


I know I have been sluggish with posting, I have been struggling with a sinus infection that knocked me on my bottom, plus a large shop order deadline. spin spin, sniff, spin spin, sniff

Well the order is complete and getting packed and shipped up today, and my head is kind of clearing up so on to the next thing on the list, which is getting out of the house and studio for a bit today. My spawn has been planning her own business ventures so I will be taking her to Joann's to buy supplies.

I do have a few yarns for a shop update, which I plan to have up by the end of the week. More yarns coming from some new spinners also!

Here are some shots of what has been going on:

Pile o' yarns for this order:

All packed up and ready to GO~
On it's way to
Go see them, they carry my designs that I do not carry on my retail site.
Such a yummy yarn shop!

Material Whirled Shop update sneek peek:

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velmalikevelvet said...

sorry to hear you were feeling poopy - glad to hear the order shipped. LOVE the fish! hugs, v