Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Art Fest~

I'm back from Art Fest and thoroughly exhausted.
It was an amazing experience and I feel very artistically rejuvenated and ready to GO!

I came home to a huge shop order and have a ton of ideas for skeins to put up on the site.

Stay tuned for some interesting things....

Here is a link to my Art Fest photo album, if you wanna see my pics.
I will try to muster some posts with more details of my days at fest, but meanwhile, here is Jackie's blog. She summed things up so well. Plus she has more pics!
From Woody's Perspective

Here is my day 3 painting , which is very busy but truly represents my constant state of mind. That is not hair, it is my thoughts and creative energy spilling out.
It's called "Why Reenie drinks vodka." ~ funny?
Close ups:

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