Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dad's Giant Head Hat~

~Finally, some finished knitting that I can share! Most things I finish are for gifts, so I don;t want to post and spoil the surprise, then I forget to get photos after they are gifted.

Introducing.... the Giant Head Hat I made for my dad. 
It's a 24 inch circumference around the brim.
Big. Hat.

(insert photo here, of my handsome dad, grinning and wearing his spectacular new hat)
He lives 3,000 miles from me, so I am depending on him to send me a photo... ahem. hint hint.

Thanks for the photos Dad!
He has the brim all rolled up, like a Monmouth Hat...

Made from Miss Babs Yowza in Black Walnut.
Yowza is my favorite, favorite yarn right now. 
I am using it on the majority of things currently on the needles~ 
It's yummy, and washable, and the skeins are huge... and her colorways? drool.
OK, enough yarn pimping...

This hat was designed by me, combining basic hat knitting with custom features for my dad.
Here are my notes...
Used half a skein of Yowza (which are 560 yard skeins), so about one standard skein of worsted weight yarn (which usually run about 220 yards).
*Yarn held double*... so the gauge is really a chunky yarn, one strand of chunky = two strands of worsted held together.
Size 9 needles...
~ Cast on 88
~ K2P2 rib for 4 inches
~ Knit in round normally for 5 more inches (9 total inches from cast on edge)
~ Divide into 4 sections (22 st each) and place markers
~ Begin decrease... *k2tog, knit to 2 st before marker, ssk, sm, k2tog*... repeat around
~ Knit 1 normal round between each decrease round until 8 st remain
~ Cut yarn, thread through remaining 8 stitches, secure and weave in ends.

Ribbed brim either gives the hat extra length or can be folded up for super thickness over ears.
K- Dad... send me a photo?

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