Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Heart Buntings~

It's soon Valentine's Day...

In honor of the day, I have been creating some banners of "LOVE" (read as if Barry White said it) to decorate our nest.
Banners or Buntings, whichever you prefer to call them (I call them either in rotation, but not an equal and exact rotation)... OR I call them Garlands. Depends on the brain that day.

These buntings were inspired by the great and ever magnificently inspiring dottieangel...
but I am no where near as granny chic as she...
I am Reenie, and I am loud.
In life as well as my creations... I am loud.... I LIKE HOT PINK.
and even though I attempt to be more demure, the HOT PINK in me always fights through.
Learning to embrace that about myself, rather than tame it. Saves me a TON of energy.

Bunting #2...
Made from torn up text pages from an old craft book and prints of my artwork.

All sewn together and hung in my "in-progress", old, partially remodeled farm kitchen. 
Ignore the ugly walls please. They have become invisible to me until I take photos. ugh-o.
Also ignore the dirty dishes.
That is what happens when you work in the studio instead of the kitchen.
I ignore them frequently. (what dishes?)

Bunting #3... 
Wanted to be much louder, and so they were. 
More of my art than book pages. 
Our personal favorite lovey phrases written on where it seemed appropriate.
Sewn together over the perfect tacky novelty yarn (from my tacky yarn hoard).

(that's my actual heart in that print... from a CT scan)

 Here they are hanging in my living room... 
over the studio entryway and the bucket of wine-in-progress.

Bunting #4... wanted to be ROUND.  
So round it is... they also wanted more texture, so I added bits of lace before sewing them together.

While making this I decided upon the name for this post. 
Adding neon pink lace to a project warrants an artsy fartsy title. Hence the name of this blog post.

Here they are hanging over the hallway entry. 
This did not work with a tall, tall man in the house.

So they were moved over the slider door.  They work really well there.

Next? Making notecards. 
Will post more on those after tomorrow, when I have an artsy day planned with Michelle
Excited to see the heartsy fartsy art that comes from playtime with her... 
Stay tuned my fartsy friends...

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