Friday, January 27, 2012

Straw Bale Couch~!

Yesterday we started to convert our barn area into a transitional studio space.
No remodeling as of yet, only repurposing the space.
It is still a tool storage/barn area, only NOW we are adding fun fort features, like a straw bale couch!

It turned out more like a chaise than a couch, due to the shape of our bales, they were long and narrow, so one was not deep enough.... so we used two for the width/depth of the seat.
Covered with some canvas tarps and an old quilt and afghan and it makes a comfy place to hang out.

We then hung some art and a few ikea lights for ambiance...
Ann is chilling out, listening to some loud music...

Wanna come hang out????

Today we will start to paint some art and make a mess out there... 
(waiting for the temp to rise a bit- no barn heat yet).
Will take more pics to share.

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