Thursday, November 3, 2011

We used to call it being FRUGAL... now it's GREEN

My grandfather called it being a scrounge.
Whatever you call it, I love saving things. 
However, there IS a difference between saving and hoarding.
There are many, many things I save to reuse and pass on to others... 

You know those nasty vinyl zipper pouches that sheets and pillow cases come in? 
I have a pile that friends have saved for me, and I use them for a lot of things, 
mostly storing projects in progress and craft items. 

Here is our embroidery clump in one... 
Know why I call it a clump? I also have a bin of yarn clump.

But they don't last forever. 
Today this one died. 
I try to reuse as much as possible in my home, without my time becoming a liability.

This bag had a fantastic tan zipper,  so I cut it out and added it to the zipper tin. 
There was a plastic bias tape sewn around the zipper... so I ripped that off.

This zipper is exactly the same as one you would buy at the fabric store for $2.00- $3.00!

The vinyl can also be reused...  

 I sew it onto my art journal pages to make spiffy see-through pockets.
OR use your washi tape stash or duct tape to tape two pieces together to make a fun add-on journal page. (no pic of this-sry)

What do YOU frequently repurpose? I love new ideas...

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