Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mason Jar Bird Feeder~


Today we spent some time poking around our local farmstore, one of my favorite places!

We came across some chicken feeders that fit on a mason jar!!!
So I bought one and we rigged a bird feeder for our deck.

The base is a repurposed cement succulent planter...
(I cannot seem to keep succulents alive...shhh)

The feeder fit inside perfectly... 

We attached a 2 quart mason jar...

...and gave it a pie tin hat!

It is on the deck, filled with sunflower seeds, waiting for the birdies to arrive...
Still in test mode, if the pie tin keeps the rain out of the base, I will epoxy it to the base of the jar.
LOVE the way it looks on the deck!

So far, no birds, and the sun is going down... 
Tomorrow we will try to get pics of it with the birds.

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