Monday, September 26, 2011


This month has blasted by...
First with a visit from my inlaws (miss them!), then a week of illness, then a week of friends from PA, which included a trip to Seattle.
September is also the start of our fall schedule, which is tamer this year than past commitment-wise, but more intense and relevant.
Our garden was a bit of a bust this year, somewhat because we need a few years to get the soil properly fed and things prepped in time to plant, but mostly due to a really cold summer. Our tomatoes never had time to grow large enough, blight hit, then it never warmed enough to ripen.
BUT... the blueberries did well, the potatoes, beans, peas and the pumpkins are rocking it!
Plus we are pleasantly surprised to see that some of the almost 100 yr old apple trees in our orchard are producing some fruit!

Here are some pics...

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