Monday, August 8, 2011

Eve's Kerrera Sweater

Introducing... Eve's Kererra Sweater! (ravelry link)

This turned out perfect. The colors, the style, the energy of this sweater is total “Eve”.
I LOVE this, a knitter’s ultimate goal is to create something with love that captures that person’s essence. So everyone is happy. :D

She has not taken this off. It’s Aug here in the PNW and in the low 60s.

Knit from Malabrigo Twist in the color way "Indecienta"~

Phew! Was afraid I did not have enough yarn to complete this… ended up with one skein left of a 10 skein bag. (Beware the color differences even within the same dyelot!)

LOVE the pattern… modified by eliminating the double garter at the cuffs and edges, replaced with straight garter instead. (to conserve yarn). 
Also eliminated the pockets.
Washed on “handwash” cycle on front loader… DUH. Should have used wool setting or done by hand (and I KNOW BETTER). Felted just a weee bit but did not alter the size. PHEW. The slight felting did eliminate that wool halo that loves to pill so much with Malabrigo though. So all is well.

A huge success!

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