Monday, February 8, 2010

Reenie Sweater~

I have been wanting to make myself a sweater from this yarn since Sock Summit (Aug. 08) but could not find a pattern that makes me happy. I am built like I am 5 mos pregnant, but am NOT prego. Wow-- did I just admit that? haha So I am basically stuck between a woman’s XL and plus sizes. The XL are too tight around my middle and the plus sizes too large everywhere else. I am an anomaly. But that is another therapy session entirely. haha.

Knit patterns usually fall in that same conundrum.

So I am designing my own pattern as I go. To flatter those parts I want flattered and mask those that need masked.

This is a top-down raglan sweater, using combined techniques from EZ and BGW and the many patterns I have read. Ravelry Project Link~

Here is a photo of my math and notes...

Gauge is 20 st/ 4 in. and 26 rows/ 4 in. on a sz. 7 needle.

Yarn is Yowza!-Whatta Skein! from

Colorway is Cadet.

Photo of the front section and the raglan increases~

2/5/10~ Cast on 172 for the neckline. The recommend neck size according to the percentage scale was too tight for my tastes. K2P2 rib for 11 rows (about 1.5 in.)

2/6/10~ did a ton of math and measured a favorite sweater to decide on raglan percentages, etc. Made the back section smaller than the front and am adding short rows to make it longer as I do the raglan decreases. I plan to add about 2 inches in short rows. Today I ripped back to the neck border for the third time and started yet again… all part of the learning process. My short row wraps were making an ugly hole on the right side. I realized the short rows were starting and ending too close to my raglan increases. duh. So I started over and started them 4 stitches from end rather than 2.

2/7/10~ Today I took the time to sit and figured out more detailed math for the yoke. How to space out the short rows, etc. So far so good. knitknitknit.

Photo of the back section (where I am adding the short rows)~

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