Friday, February 5, 2010


Did the title make you think about clicking away from this page?
Things have been marginally routine and vanilla around here the past few weeks.
Paul was in NY for a sales meeting and gone for 8 days. I tend to be a bit 'off' when he is gone for a long period of time. Co-dependent? perhaps. whatever, it is what it is....

I did get a ton of site work and updates done while he was gone though...
He came home last weekend just in time for my sinus infection to hit full swing.
So this week has been a decongestant haze.
I finished a knit hat for my baby brother, a late Xmas gift. (more pics at the end of the post)

and I finished swatching for planned sweaters for the girls. More on that later too. Oh and I cleaned. That is kind of a big deal. Cleaned meaning vacuumed and dusted, not just clutter control.

GEESH, why am I even bothering to post? No pics, nothing much to record. No big creative news.

Just life happening. In all of it's boring glory. It can't always be whoohoo... thankfully. haha.


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libbylot said...

See, the thing is, knowing you as I know you (and YOU being very like ME in many ways!) the fact that you DETAIL CLEANED (our version at least) is something to celebrate! ACCOMPLISHMENT! WOO HOO!