Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Field Trip~

My mom has come to visit for a week so I planned a tour of Pendelton Woolen Mills Washougal, WA plant. They spin the yarn to make their woolen blankets and weave them in this plant. They also make fabric for other companies, on a sub-contracted basis.

OMG! The fiber and dyeing room almost brought me to my knees in tears. seriously.

6x6 ft bales of uncarded wool, undyed and dyed. I tried to devise a plan to get some out of there but to no avail. sigh. the smell of vinegar and hot wet wool was divine.

They would not let me take pics in the mill itself, so I shot some of their 'Mill Store'.

Here is a big rolling bin of buttons, which was full all the way to the bottom (the girls shoved their arms down inside to see). It was about 3 feet deep. I understood their desire to swim in them. I myself am a total button addict. I thought about rolling the cart out to my car and emptying it in my trunk, but I imagine they would have seen me. >:) Unfortunately the buttons were for display purposes and not for sale.

They had an antique drum carder inside the front door. A beauty with 15 drums!

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