Monday, October 15, 2012

In Threes: a Baby Cardigan~ 2012

This sweater was knit for Anna Rosemary~
Pattern is In Threes: a Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich. (Ravelry Link)

Made from Miss Babs Yowza in Stillness.
Yowza is still my favorite, favorite yarn. 
Gauge on a size 7 was 5 st/in. and 7.25 rows/in.
 Buttons are old, from my gram's button stash.


    I modified the pattern by adding long sleeves with a K1P1 cuff.

Size is 0-6 months... 
Here is a view of the back~
And the back of the yoke...

Very sweet. 
Stay tuned for photos of Anna Rosemary (who is a mere 2 weeks old!) modeling the sweater.


Becky said...

Do you mind sharing how you did the long sleeves? I have made this pattern several times. And each time I kept thinking if there is a way to make longer sleeves?
Thanks in advance!

Reenie Hanlin said...

Hi Becky!

I actually FOUND my notes, nothing short of a miracle since it's been five years...
Sleeves- 6.5 inches long.
~ pick up & knit 27 st and 7 underarm stitches (34 total)
~ mark center of underarm stitches for decreases
~ knit 5 rnd normally
~ dec at marked stitch ...dec every 3rd round until 24 st remain (I assume I did a K2tog/ssk decrease each dec round- so dec 2, I did not specify this in my notes)
~ knit normal until sleeve measures 4.5 inches
~ k1p1 rib for 2 inches
~ bind off loosely

Becky said...

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!
Oh my gosh what a super fast reply!!
I can tell that you are one very busy woman.
I so appreciate you sharing these long sleeve directions.
I am going to start another sweater today with long sleeves!!!!
Again THANK-YOU!!!!!!