Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye Gram~

My gram passed away this morning.
Five days after her 94th birthday.

May 1970 (that's baby me)

August 2010

Here is a memory list I wrote in 2002 about her... 
(inspired by the book "Creative Utopia" by Theo Stephan Williams)

Grandma Kopp~
Taught me to read
Her love of reading and history
Lived next door my entire childhood
Red Hawaiian Punch drunk from a plastic cup with an attached straw
Her favorite color was green
Wheel of Fortune
Fred Flintstone
Antique Shop
Green Car
Unconditional Love
Solitaire & Gin Rummy
Junk drawer in kitchen
Button Jars
Million magazine subscriptions
Flower in her hair

 Dec. 2002

May 2008

August 2010

Gram and Pop-Pop c.1930s

Goodbye Grandma. 
Bertha Agnes Gipe Kopp
April 6, 1917- April 11, 2011


Julie said...

oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. But how fortunate you've been to have such a wonderful, amazing grandma!! She seems to have been one of the best.

michelle allen said...

:( sorry to hear this Reenie. looks like she had a long good life. how cool that your girls had so much time to get to know her. so rare.