Monday, January 24, 2011

Home~ in progress

Here is a photo tour of the kitchen and living room as they are today.
Pig cutting board (made by my late grandfather.. bobblehead cat and troll planter with fresh new wheat grass hair coming in (one of my fav things in my entire house)

Allen Designs cat clock and my new anthropologie plate.

Comb from my hive... we recently lost two hives :(

ignore the dust

New kitchen table light...

New light over kitchen island...

Allen Designs clock... vintage spoon and fork and a rug hooking made by my great-gram Emma.

Kitchen sink window sill...

Living room as-is today. Still need to paint new trim.
Ignore basket full of Mt. Fold Me~

The room you see through the doorway is my future studio workspace. See the new front door lying on the saw horses? It's stain is drying. Once it's clear coated Mr. Danny will return and install it in that front room... after THAT I can SET UP MY WORKSPACE! So close. So excited.

Sofa table detail... 

Our new Ikea sofa table... 

Old dresser from my grandparent's home.
Ignore box of insulation (oops). 

  Living room shelves...

 Hallway/area that leads into bathroom, bedroom and office.

That is all for now... just feeling the need to document the progress.