Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Yarn Giveaway #6~ Christmas in July!

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Announcing Christmas In July!

Elf Hat Kit!

Kit includes:

~ 1 skein of hand dyed Holiday Green wool, (Peruvian Highland) chunky, 70 yd.

~ 1 skein of hand dyed Bright Red wool, (Peruvian Highland) chunky, 70 yd.

~ 1 skein of peach ear yarn (Mauch Chunky), 120 yd. (you choose color below)

~ 1 Jingle Bell

~ 1 Pattern/instruction/template pdf (will be emailed to you after check out).

Will fit child to adult head approx. 20-21 inches.

Gauge:1 inch= 3 ½ stitches and 6 rows

Needles not included-- recommended needle size:

For hat: Size 9 circular needles, 16 in. length & Size 9 double point needles (dpn)

For ears: Size 17 needles (for ears)

Hat yarn is kettle-dyed by Battman & Reenie.


TO ENTER, entertain me!
Simply place a comment in this blog entry with your favorite holiday memory.
Even if you do not celebrate Christmas.

OH- and only one entry per person please?

On Saturday August 1st I will enter the number of each comment (first comment is number 1, etc.) into a random number generator online.
I will post the winner here in the blog as well as emailing the Material Whirled newsletter list!
To join, click here (link is at the bottom of every page on the site).
Please make sure I can find your email info.
If I post your name here on in the newsletter, contact me and we can work out the fun details!
a $30 dollar value!

(includes free shipping to the continental US)

I plan to do one giveaway per month ...So spread the word!


dvcrztb said...

My two brothers and I would try to beat the kids across the street at getting up first every year, we didn't know them, but no matter how early we got up, their light was on already. We never thought to ask them about this. It was just our thing to do, race to the front window and check. Looking back, it was probably their parents still putting stuff under their tree. We got up very early!!!!

dealonnia said...

When I was a little girl I wanted a horse. My mother told me we didn't have a place for a horse. I had seen them in the Saturday afternoon westerns tieing them up to a post. So I told her that was okay Santa could tie it to the front porch. Needless to say the family got a big laugh...but my dad got the best...for he had gotten me a horse to be delivered on Christmas Eve...and mother didn't know it...it was tied to the front porch post when we came home from a Christmas Eve outing...

Barb said...

My friend Theresa and I spent the weeks leading up to Christmas snooping at the gifts under her tree. One was heavy, and we spent a lot of time guessing what it could be. Her mom kept telling us the boxes were empty. Sure enough, on Christmas those gifts were gone and the real gifts were under the tree. She told us the heavy box that we were so interested in had sand in it.

moviefreek92 said...

My favorite Christmas was last christmas because We all agreed we wouldn't wake up everyone until at least 8 am. But coincidentally everyone, except me awoke at 2 am so my family agreed to wake me up and have our christmas at 2, was the most fun ever becuase we opened all the presents at 2 and then went back to bed and when we woke up again we got to look at our presents again becuase we all thought we were dreaming.

Little Miss S. said...

When I was a child we always went to visit my grandmother half a mile away on the afternoon of Christmas Eve (which is when we celebrate Christmas). She was old and the long Christmas Eve was too much for her, but we'd all go, I'd play the piano and sing for her, we'd watch the Disney Christmas Show with her and have all the time in the world to let Christmas be about her. And then we'd walk home in the empty streets to have our family night, but knowing she was still a part of it. I loved walking home from there looking forward to everything to come.

Turtle said...

When my daughter was 2 we moved to hawaii from new england She was very concerned about santa finding her, no chimney, the distance across the ocean, etc.... so started a tradition of sprinking reindeer bait out front, leaving not only cookies but carrots for the reindeer. Once in hawaii she had to adjust, no more snowmen but sandmen were built at xmas, along with trips to the beach vs sledding. We all enjoyed the decorated palm trees and lit dolphins on the roof pulling santas sleigh for a dozen years, but are also happy to enjoy the more traditional now that we are back mainland side. (i get your newsletter!)
enjoy sock summit and your vacation afterwards!

Renee G said...

I remember going to my great grandparents house to spend Christmas eve with the entire clan. I never understood why it took my mom so long to get in the car to go--- I would be ready and in the car and it took her forever to get there. Of course, when we arrived back home Santa had been there while we were gone. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

My memories are best as an adult. We were going to my in-laws for Christmas breakfast as usual. But this year was my son's first Christmas. Somehow he picked up the excitement (at 10months old) and as we put him in the carseat he started squeeling "Wheeeeeee!" He also got a big kick out of the paper and ribbons..Just makes me smile to think about it.

Erin said...

My favorite holiday memory was discovering my mom's hiding place for our gifts--I lifted up a carpet remnant flap to reveal a bounty of She-Ra!

Stacey said...

One day near Christmas ,I was looking for something and I came across our Christmas present for my brother and I. It was a Coleco vision video game system , they were hot in the 80's. I told my brother and he wanted to take it out and play with it, I said absolutely not! We put it away and pinky sweared that we did not say anything. Christmas came and we opened our gifts and we knew something was missing. So may parents asked if we got all of our gifts and we sheepishly said yes , and my brother and I were looking at each other , "WHERE'S THE GIFT"? So my parents said I think you forgot one gift and it was next to the china cabinet , so my brother and I with huge grins on our faces ran over and opened the gift. We were so excited . They used the same trick as in the movie "Christmas Story" for the B.B gun. To this day 25 years later my parents still do not know that I found that gift by accident. Sincerely Stacey Smith

Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas memory is getting this doll in a green satin dress with blond hair up in a bun. I still have that doll some 42 years later. I also got my first birthstone ring in real gold that year.
Knittingdancer on Ravelry

cksknitter said...

My favorite Christmas memory is the year we celebrated with the extended family on Christmas Eve and enjoyed Christmas Day with our kids at the movie theater watching 3 movies in a row!
Chrissy at knittoday(at)hotmail(dot)com

earthmother said...

I remember fondly one Christmas that we spent in the Yukon. My brother and I got up very early and crept into the living room. There was a Bobsey Twins book for me that I had been wanting forever. My brother got a truck that he had his eye on too.

Dehbi said...

My favorite Christmas memory (after the feast...I'm a Taurus and love celebrations that involve food) is opening up the presents with the Barbie dolls in them! I was just blown away by Barbie and her utterly cool costumes! My favorite was the one with the orange knitted twin set, the little bowl with yarn balls and knitting needles, and a grey straight skirt. Wish I still had it!

pelicanknits said...

I have several favoirite memoriees.When our children were little and we lived in upstate NY, every family in the neighborhood would gather at the foot of the "woods' and all the kids that plaed instruments, played holiday songs.Then Santa would come out of the woods with a gift for each family ( previously delivered to a neighborhood home).. tbhis was followed by neighborhood cokkie exchanges and holiday treats. My second memory is celebrating Chanukkah with family.. eating lotsa latkes( potato pancakes), Lighting the Menorah for eight days, , exchanging gifts, singing songs, and enjoying family.. Now my children are grown and live far away.. Now that I have a granddaughter, we are going to try to recreate those memories.. family is everything..

20purls said...

My brother and I were always indulged during the Christmas holidays. As usual we were excited the Christmas Eve and kept making frivolous excuses to go downstairs and walk past the tree to see what gifts had mysteriously appeared under the tree. My mom finally told us if we kept coming downstairs, there would be no gifts for us in the morning. Yikes!!! When morning finally came and we ran downstairs, there were a few gifts and two big stuffed animals holding cards for each of us. Puzzled, we were coached to open the cards which read " Pack you bags, we are going to DIsney World" We jumped, we screamed and were so excited!!! We had the best time at Disney World and that was my BEST Christmas ever! Everytime I think of that Christmas it makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes.Thanks Santa!!!