Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Warning....Picture Heavy Post
Wow-- it's been another busy week here in the Material Whirled!
Good news is I that I HAVE BEEN GETTING OUT!
Which is kinda huge-- Paul has been out of town a lot on business and when he is gone I tend to hole up and knit or spin. I am home body for sure, but lately life has been providing tons of fun opportunities for us to go to the city and explore and just absorb life.

First, Ann took a cooking class at Sur la Table in Portland. She was the youngest (by far) but seemed to be the most engrossed. Chef Emily and Chef Scott were remarkable teachers.
While she was in class Eve and I explored (within a few blocks range) the Pearl District (Portland's Upscaleish Art Area) in Portland. We spent time in Powell's Books and in Anthropologie. Here are pics of the yarny window displays there.
I was tickled to realize I am raising city girls. Eve LOVES it downtown and I could see her blossom and glow.

Sat. I went to the Alberta District (Portland's artsy bohemian area) with Jackie and Liz to shop at Imp and Collage and Scrap. I found a ton of paper paraphernalia for my art and just had an overall blast!
We had lunch and coffee and probably caused a bit of trouble... but shhh, we aren't talking about that. We also decided this is to be a monthly excursion. Next time we are hitting the Hawthorne District. Any suggestions of where to go?

Here are some fun shots from the day~

Off to the PO to ship out a pile of orders, then groceries (meh).

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Aunt Erin said...

OMG! Annie is SOOOOO TALLLLLL! She fits right in with all those adults! I miss my big girls! =(