Saturday, December 20, 2008


You know, sometimes I can be such a pain. I had an epiphany this morning, right after I had an existential tantrum.

I always feel like I am rushing through life, putting out the biggest fires first, and never have time to s.l.o.w. down, contemplate, stare. I know this is my fault, as I am the one who sets my schedule and the one who takes on more than I probably should.

It's snowing. I am trapped and have been for days. MW is on vacation for the holidays.

First I danced around and loved it, then I caught up with the list of things to do.
WHAT? freetime? gasp!
It practically threw me into a fetal position. Then I realized, WOW, FREETIME! what a gift.

Paul is out of town and it looks like he will be for DAYS. The girls are out in the snow with neighbor kids, or making cookies, or reading books. They have been beyond occupied.

I always long for breathing room and when it arrives I waste it away by pouting from the shock of it all!
So I hit the studio, dug out my paints and figured out that my ipod will hook to my computer speakers (I know-- duh) and have been painting away for hours....

Here are some pics. More can be seen here.

Heard this on TED.
"Making things actually does give me a lot of joy.
It's the process of creation that keeps me sort of a bubble and a half above perpetual anxiety in my life. And it's that feeling of being about 80% complete on a project where you know you still have something to do, but it's not finished and you're not starting something that really fills my entire life." ~ Ze Frank

Which inspired this painting, called "a bubble and a half"... click to see more pics.

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jwood said...

LOVE "a bubble and a half"!!!!!