Friday, November 14, 2008

I tire myself out~

I really do.
Seems like I go from manic-productive to on-the-couch-bleh. Typical for an artist I suppose.

My new friend Ruth was here on Wed. to witness the madness and she didn't scream and run for the hills. Thank you Ruth... sometimes I am a bit much to absorb.

Tues. I spent painting. (see previous post). So nice to lose myself and my harried thoughts in creating.

Wed. was spent hanging with Ruth, designing her a custom skein, playing in the paint, in the fiber and knitting. on and on...Wed. was frenetic.

Yesterday (Thurs.) was spent on my butt at the computer, doing a massive shop update.
Over 9 hours! phew!
Check it out!

There will be more updates coming this morning, once I drag myself to the studio.
Feeling like trying to go back to sleep for a bit. Paul left early-early(and extremely last minute) for Boise, ID so this morning entailed panicked packing and paperwork. Poor tired man.

We have a play-date with some new friends today and I need to vacuum and get the house looking like sane people live here. The upstairs is manageable, but the studio? haha. not so much.
Maybe sane people do not live here. They say your home reflects the state of your mind but that is something I am not willing to accept. Aren't there exceptions for those who choose to create rather than clean? Plus 3 people who are IN the house most of the time so things are constantly being moved or cluttered or messed- cooking 3 meals a day in the kitchen, etc.
sigh. So there. Enough crazy ramblings.
I think I will try to snooze while the man is in the air.

Another post coming once the site is completely updated!

Here are some pics of my fav things from yesterday's update:

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