Monday, October 22, 2007

Gremlins and lessons learned....

It's been a hectic few weeks here in Material Whirled!

Tree Hat kits are selling like hotcakes! I make a point to where mine when I spin them, keeps me in the spirit!

I plan to update the Yarn Shop today, sorry for those who were watching this weekend for the posted update. I seem to have gotten a nasty gremlin infection in my hard drive and had to install a brand spanking new one! Needless to say it took a hefty chunk of time out of my schedule. Now I am back up and running with triple the drive space I previously had AND a shiny, pretty new external BACKUP drive. snort. lesson learned.

I only lost a months worth of pictures, including the pics from our trip to the Pacific, and my bookmarks.

My mom was here for a 10 day visit and we had a great time. This is her first trip to our new home and she helped me prep tree skein ornaments and made curtains for the girls cottage/fort. I will post pics of them in my personal blog soon.

Well, back to the wheel!


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