Sunday, October 19, 2008

DIY Lazy Kate~

Make your own lazy kate!

Last week I made myself a lazy kate! I'm so proud I wanted to share it with you.

While I do have a spectacular lazy kate that came with Lenore, my Lendrum wheel, it is free standing and falls over while I am winding onto my skein winder. I decided to create a stationary one to 'live' next to the winder.

Material used:
~ 1 vintage aluminum knitting needle that my bobbin fit on. I inherited all of my gram's needles but know I will never actually knit with them. The color is worn off the tip, this must have been her favorite size! This makes me smile each time I look at it.
~ 1 "C" clamp

I hammered the needle end flat and cut the circular end off with a clippers. I then took the "C" clamp and clamped it to a strategical spot on my work table. I did have to add a drop of oil to the needle so the bobbin spun smoothly.
Simple and recycled.
Why didn't I think of this sooner? What a time saver!

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