Thursday, August 9, 2007

Return of the Dark Princessessess ~

BWA-hahaha......Cackle Cackle

So it seems I have this dark streak. I have always had an evil sense of humor and this streak is totally harmless but I suppose it has to come out SOME way. I 'see' all of these female witchy personalities. If I see a certain color scheme or a trinket or bauble or bead I immediately can see a feisty girl in it. Sundday the girls and I visited our first craft store in Vancouver, Craft Warehouse. They have an amazing bead section and they had these wooden skull bead s and the bad girls just started talking to me.

Once they reveal themselves to me they introduce their friends....and it goes on and on.

Now this does not suit my image. I am a blond, giggly, 'fluffy' mom from PA, not some goth queen. I am sure there is some sort of psychological theory behind this. Maybe it's best to not go there.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of the first 3 Dark Princesses of the season. They have yet to reveal their full names to me, but we have had our chats and I know them well.....

Stay tuned to the site for a yarn update in the next week..... when I will introduce them to you formally.

Reenie >:)

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